Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fit Party Film Date Changed

Due to schedule conflict, I had to change Fit Party Film Date to May 16, 2009. On the bright side of things this gives me more time to make it perfect. I am going to map out my presale and time to complete the final project. I have been lucky in the past to get it almost to the date. So I will announce presale and projected release date in a couple of weeks. I'm still working on getting live video add on programs up. Everything soon to come!!!!!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Step Party Power Up

I have the choreography for our creative training step power up. It is composed of 5 moves that you can repeat 2-3 times as a add on to your workouts to give you an extra calorie/toning burn.

Step Party Power Up

1. Basic (Run It Up) 8
2. Knee Pop Corner to Corner 8
3. Outer Thigh Lift and Kick 8 right
4. Swat hop back 2 on step swat hop up 2 on the step (repeat 9)
5. Repeater knee 15

Repeat on the left

That's it! I'm trying to get the video up of this routine. I'm a little tech challenged so be patient with me. 30 more days to my filming of FIT Party!!

Katina Hunter

Bosu Power UP routine coming soon!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Creative Training -- Part 2 Cardio

There are unlimited ways to rev up your cardio routines. So I challenge you today to incorporate some or all of the following techniques. First, what can you do is add a little bit more to your video or cardio machine. Here are some examples:


At the beginning (after your warm up), middle, or end of your workout you can jope rope, do series of plyometrics, do a series of heart pumping floor or step moves, or some balance and fit training with your bosu.

While typing this I got a great idea. I will choreograph these exercises for you next week and try to post them on my blog. So you guys can see exactly what I'm talking about.


Bike/Treadmill/Elliptical/Stair Stepper
Hill climb-- increase the resistance 4 times one minute intervals and repeat the cycle and you will be sweating buckets. There are two ways to come out of this you can start back from the beginning or work your way back down.

Sprint ride-- alt one minute at a steady pace with as fast as you sprint one minute and repeat the cycles

Elliptical-- you can go forward 1 min and backward next 1 doing sprint or the hill climb

Play with it-- you can play with the times --- increase and decrease, you can play with the resistance-- increasing the intervals--- just challenge yourself. Don't do the exact same workout everyday-- add some spice.

Fit Party Update-- Just waiting to film! Playing with music selection.

Katina Hunter