Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vertical Step Party 2 Presale is Here!!

Hello Everyone,

Vertical Step Party 2 is here. The presale price is 9.99 with 5.00 flat fee for shipping and handling. If you are ready to party, order today @

Katina Hunter

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Little Surprise Revealed

Me and Cassandra (modifier)
Me, Cassandra, and Lisa in the back

Sondra and Riley (My little surprise)

Found my camera in the middle console of our truck. So here are some personal pics from Vertical Step Party 2. And in those pics you will see my little surprise--- Riley Lytle. She is one of our newest member of the "Step Party" girls. Riley is Lisa's daughter. Lisa has been in all of my videos except Fit Party (I am solo in Fit Party). Riley was coming to all of our practices with Lisa and doing the workout. She was awesome in picking up the choreography. So Lisa told me at one practice that Riley said she did not want to go to her school's carnival because she did not want to miss practice. So I had to put her in the video. Riley is 11 years old and in the 5th grade.

Step Party also welcome Cassandra Andrews, my long time friend, as one of the new "Step Party" girls. Cassandra will be the modifier in the video.

Lisa and Sondra returned to party with me some more. I had such a great crew and they worked so hard. Shots out to the "Step Party" girls.

Katina Hunter

VSP 2 Vid coming soon--still in editing phase.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Steppers Get Ready...............

Vertical Step Party 2 is coming soon! Just looked at the footage from our filming last month and it's looking good! We filmed right before X-mas and I didn't want to start working on it until the New Year. So I'm working on it now with a million other things. It has been so crazy since 2010 has started. I want to post some pics of me and the crew, but I can not find my camera. That is how crazy it has been. VSP 2 is around 50-55 minutes long. It has 6 combos with 6 power parties and we end it with all of the combos put together in the VSP2 Power Party. The combos are intermediate/advance and rocking. The music is rocking too. I decided not to put the abs at the end of the video because not really feeling the routine, so I strapped it. But don't worry the stepping will take you to Step Heaven. Off the find the camera, pics coming soon.............

Katina Hunter