Sunday, October 28, 2007


Fitness Journey Oct. 23-28 Indoor Rock Climbing
What is it? Indoor Rock Climbing-- A large wall where you try to climb to the top without falling. You have to strategically place your hands and feet and maintain balance to continue to the top. This workout was strictly muscular conditioning. Rock climbing works every muscle in your body from your hands to your toes. You can see that my son and I really enjoyed indoor rock climbing. We will definitely be doing this again because we want to ROCK!!
Next week I have an unusual fitness journey planned, so check back and see how fusion in the fitness world is possible. Also, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


October 15-22 Fitness Journey took us to Skidaway Island in Savannah on the Big Ferry Trail. The Big Ferry Trail is 3 miles long which takes you through the marshes, live oaks, cabbage-palmettos and longleaf pines. We saw squirrels, raccoons, and birds on our hike. It was great to get outside because the weather here in Savannah has been great. This was a good workout because we had to powerwalk and wave our hands to keep the mosquitos away. We definitely hit the trails and the mosquitos on this journey.

Stay tuned for my next journey............Remember fitness is everywhere.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's All in the Hips

My picture to the left has a glare from the picture in the backdrop. So I decided to get my daugher Kelsea to take another picture in my front yard with my hips moving and sexy arms, but I got the picture at top. So maybe on my next journey, I will have some better shots.

October 7-14-- Class: Latin Dance
What is it? A 60 minute latin dance class where it is all about the hips and sexy arm movements. We danced to different latin tunes and did moves like the mambo, cha-cha, merengue, and my favorite is the Susie Q.
How I felt? I feel like dancing!! My heartrate stayed in the 140's during the workout. Our instructor, Carmen, had us hold our arms horizontally while we did some of our fancy footwork and man my arms felt heavy, so I got some toning in with this workout.
New Series update: I have all of the choreography!!! Just have to practice, test, fine tune, and continue on my fitness journey. So stay tuned.........

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


October 1-5 Fitness Journey: Class-- Punk Rope

What is it? A 55 minute fitness class that combines rope jumping with creative conditioning drills. In the class we did 15 intervals and 6 of them were jumping rope.

How I felt? My feeling after the class--- I was whipped! I realized that jumping rope is plyometrics at your best. My heartrate stayed in the 160-170's which is 90% of my max.

I'm on my way to pulling off Step Party 2!! Also, I have the name for my new strength workout-- Circuit Party-- this workout will hit every muscle group in the body with cardio moves and weights. Stay tuned for my next fitness journey...........