Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Katina, Vertical Step Party 2 Reviews

Review #1 VSP 2

Dear Katina,

I want to say I am really enjoying VSP 2. I love the longer length and I like that the choreography is simple enough for me to not have to preview it everytime I do it, if I haven't done it for a while, yet interesting enough for me to want to do it. Also, I get to face the t.v. The music is great, too, & it is loud enough for me-- as usual with your dvds! I have a lot of exercise dvds that play on my dvd player with low music, that I can hardly hear. Also, I thought Riley did an excellent job doing the workout. I am so glad you included her. I know it's kind of soon after you finished this workout, but I wanted to request a full length kickboxing workout from you. I really like the Fit Party Kick Party workout, & I think a full length version would be great-- maybe you could include some power parties & perhaps an abs section at the end. Of course, I would love more hi/lo & strength training too. In any case, keep those workouts coming, and thanks for all your efforts!


Response #1

Dear Jennifer,

You have your wish, Jennifer. I will be filming "Kick Party"-- a full length version in August 2010. I am working on the format now. All I know it that it will be an interval type of kickboxing workout. Currently, I am doing every kickboxing workout known to man right now to see what is missing in the industry. As a fitness instructor, I plan to review these kickboxing workouts on my blog this summer and plan my workout based upon my experencies. My goal with every workout is Simple Sweaty Fun. Thanks , Jennifer!

Review #2 VSP 2

Dear Katina,

Nice solid steady state step workout. Honest 60 minutes of workout time. Had a few tricky moves that I nailed it second time around. Nicely constructed. Had a wee smile at the 'wee lassie' (girl). Brave move including her good on you for rewarding her for her commitment.


Response #2

Dear Sylvia,

Riley was awesome! I had to include her in the workout. I hope that she will take this experience with her and help others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Review #3 VSP 2

Dear Katina,

Just got this today and had to do at least a part of it. I was short on time so I only did the warm up, first 3 combos and the cool down. What a blast! I had a crappy day at work and your infectious good attitude had me smiling within minutes. Thanks so much for a great workout. I can't wait to try the rest.


Response #3

Dear Joanne,

Thanks so much for the complement. You never really realize the impact that you can have on a person. This is truly what my this is about. You have made my day!


Review #4 VSP2

Dear Katina,

I just had to send you this comment about your new dvd Vertical Step Party 2... I LOVE IT!!! Best one yet of all your dvds... I just love that you have different body styles and ages on your dvd!! Easy to follow but yet challenging!!!!! Great Job Katina!!!!


Response #4

Dear Veronica,

Thanks so much! I believe in variety and I want to relate to everyone. Again, my motto is Simple Sweaty Fun!!

Katina Hunter

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

I'm back. Took some well deserve time off! Super busy with the kids, work, school, baseball/softball, and the list goes on and on. I have finally decided that my life has been overbooked and some of the above activities would have to be deleted. I love exercise, fitness, and stepparty (my baby), so I could not delete that but I could take some time away from it. So what could I delete????? 1. School -- taking a class in health technology and 2. work--working one less day a week. So life is less complicated and more time to work on my baby.

Current Plans for Step Party:

1. This week I plan to post some of the reviews I received on Vertical Step Party 2. .

2. Will have a new Website by the end of the summer.

3. Change some things on my Blog.

4. Will research, train, and plan for next workout.

5. Brainstorming on something a little different for Step Party. ( I don't have a clue of what this my be but we will see what pops up in my crazy mind........

So I'm back!!!!

Katina Hunter