Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. This New Year 2009 will brings us good health and good workouts. I am working my hardest on FIT Party. I have completed all of the choreography for Kick Party, Upper Body Party, and Lower Body Party. I have 2 blocks of choreography for Step Party and I'm currently working on the third. So in the next couple of weeks I will be working on Step, Core, and Yoga Party. I will also be using different music to see what works the best. After that I will take it to my class and get some feedback and make some adjustments. I'm thinking that I will be ready to film sometime between February and April of 2009. I'm really excited about 2009. Let's all believe that this is going to be our BEST YEAR YET.



Friday, December 19, 2008

Fit Party Update & Merry Christmas!!!

I've been in my studio working on Lower Body Party/Upper Body Party/ Kick Party. I'm always trying to come up with new and interesting ways to work your muscles. I have stumbled upon a unique way to keep everything quick, sweaty, and results driven. Lower Body Party and Upper Body Party each will be 15 minutes total in length. Each 15 minute block will be broken down into 5 minute segments covering the major muscle groups but each 5 minute segment will work the muscle groups in a different kinds of ways. So once you get sweaty with the 5 minute block and can't take another "whatever" you are on to the next block. I'm going to be testing this 5 minute block concept on my body these next couple of weeks. I will show my progress. Kick Party will be similar with 3 blocks lasting 5 minutes with kicks and punches in between to transition from block to block. I have also forgot about Core/Abs. I will be adding a 15 minute core/ab workout to Fit Party. (Thanks for the suggestion Jennifer!)
New Breakdown for Fit Party
Each segment 15 minutes (3 blocks of 5 minutes)
1. Step Party
2. Kick Party
3. Lower Body Party
4. Upper Body Party
5. Core Party
6. Yoga Party
Total= 1 hour and 30 minutes
I would like to Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas!! Be giving and grateful for your health.
Katina Hunter

Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Get Your Groove Back

I have had several people email me about having problems staying on track with their exercise routine. I'm a great person to ask because I'm having a similar problem. I think at some point or another we all get into a rut. It can be so hard to stay on track when demands of your life consume so much of your time and energy. And if you get out of the groove, it hard sometimes to get back into the groove. Look, we shouldn't feel bad about being somewhat deficient because even Oprah can get off track. The good news is that we can get it back! The first step is to develop your Get Your Groove Back Plan. You can always reassess, redevelop and reinvent your psychy and exercise routine. Here are some things that I suggest you do when you get your groove back:

Get Your Groove Back Plan

1. Cut ourselves some slack--- It's ok that you got in a rut. Don't focus on the past behaviors. Today is a new day with a new plan to get your groove back.

2. Fitness Calendar-- I am a check off girl. I love list --- so write on the out on a calendar and mark my workout off when I have completed it. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and it helps keep you on track.

3. Realistic Goal Setting and Rewards-- You tend to stay on track if you have a specific goal that you want to obtain. Set realistic short term goals so that it will be obtainable. And once you reach that goal, you are motivated to continue with your next short term goal in order to reach your overall long term goal. And reward yourself with each short term goal accomplishment-- new pair of jeans, new workout tape, new workout clothes, or new workout shoes--- whatever you like.

4. Get a Fitness Buddy--- You can't let your buddy down and you can't let your buddy out do you. So this keeps you motivated and on track. (Tamra is mine--- she is so great about calling me on my days off and getting me to the gym-- Tamra is featured in Party3 series)

5. Psychy Training
Quote some of these saying--- pick your favorite
" I can do anything for 30 minutes" ( And once I start, I usually exercise more than an hour)
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
" I will feel so much better if I do it."
"Can I give more?"
"Every step I get closer."
"I can do this."
" If I fall, I will jump up!"
" If I believe and I will receive"

6. Walk your walk. Just make sure you move throughout the day. Get a pedometer!!!
The most common excuse for not exercising on a regular basis is lack of time, so stop thinking of exercise as only planned activities and instead simply try to move more all day long. For most people, the majority of their calorie use during the day comes from these types of unstructured activities rather than a formal exercise plan. If you need a visual reminder, wear an inexpensive pedometer as a simple way to motivate yourself to take those steps.

7. Try something new--- don't go back to your old exercise routine-- try something different and mix it up. Be creative!

Happy Holidays,

Katina Hunter
"I've got my Groove Back" (Another motivational quote)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keep the Fat Devil in Hell with 275

Have you been in a great groove---eating right, exercising, and finally reaching your goal weight and maintaining it. And then out of the blue, the fat devil arrives. Changes in you schedule have cause you to skip some workouts, grab some not so good choices of food and before you know it those 10 or so pounds that you lost have found their way back into their favorite places on your body. DARN IT!!! Well you are not by yourself it has happen to me. So what do we do to kill the fat devil. We drag out tired old body and work out. Have many minutes? I have the answer to get it back and maintain it. You will not believe what you have to do.

I have read an interesting article from a medical journal that found that the group who exercised at least 275 minutes per week maintained weight loss compared to the group that did less. I thought that was very interesting, since I've been somewhat deficient in only getting about 180 minutes in per week. So I'm stepping up my game.

Fit Party Update

I have worked on Kick Party and Upper Body Party. Just have to tweak and teach it in my class to see how it goes. In 15 minutes it will be intense from start to finish in each section---- no time wasted here.

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!

Katina Hunter

Remember exercise at least 275 minutes a week these next couple of weeks (during this good eating time-- Holidays). Let's keep the fat devil in Hell !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tentative Breakdown for FIT Party

FIT stands for Fifteen minute Increments of Training-- this workout will have 5 increments each lasting 15 minutes. I have decided to break the workout down into the following increments:

1. Step Party--15 minutes
2. Kick Party--15 minutes
3. Upper Body Party-- 15 minutes
4. Lower body Party-- 15 minutes
5. Yoga Party -- 15 minutes

Total Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes)

With this breakdown this dvd can be very versatile. If you are looking for some fun cardio (30 minutes) you can do step and kick party. If you need an add on toning workout you can do upper or lower body party. If you need a good upbeat stretch you can do Yoga Party or if you need it all you can do all of FIT Party. I will be coming up with the choreography in the next couple of weeks, so I will keep you guys posted on my progress. I get so excited when I create--- this has to be the best part.

Katina Hunter

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fit Party

Hello everyone,

I finally have time to sit down and blog about my upcoming projects. Sorry that I have been out of the loop for a couple of months. If you remember, I took a new job and it has totally messed me up. My advise---- If you like your current job, don't switch to another job for more money. Money is not crack up to what it is suppose to be. I have money, but I'm to tired to spend it. I have only been exercising about 2-3 days week. My serotonin is low and I've found myself in a state of depression. I'm a true believer that exercise will help combat depression. So for my mental health, I have decided to resign and work on Fit Party. Fit Party is my new video that will be released in 2009. I'm going into my studio tonight to start working on it. I welcome any suggestions. If there is something missing in the fitness industry that you think that I can fill, please email me tina@stepparty.com. Also I'm increasing my exercise to 6 times a week and trying out some new videos and I will blog on my personal progress, videos, and Fit Party.

I might die broke , but I know that I have done what I love.

Katina Hunter

Friday, October 31, 2008

Coming Soon..........

FIT PARTY!!!!!!!!!! Where have I been? Stay tuned for details.

Happy Halloween,

Katina Hunter

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Back!!

Hello everyone,

I took some time off went on vacation to Destin, Florida. It was really nice there--nice beaches, restaurants, and shopping. But I'm back to get started on my new projects. I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback on the Party3 series workouts. You can find the new workouts on my website www.stepparty.com and at www.totalfitnessdvds.com. My other workouts Step Party, Vertical Step, Interval Party, and Pump Party can also be found at www.fitnessorganica.com , www.fitnessfly.com, and www.amazon.com.

For the next couple of weeks I will be working on some research projects and going to a fitness conference. I write it up on my blog. So stay tuned.....

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's Next?

All shipments of the Party 3 series have been shipped. Hope you guys are enjoying the new workouts. I would like to thank everyone again for all of your support. After all this was over, I rested and thought "What's next?" I looked back over my missions and goals and I have decided to focus on self improvement and community service. There is so much more that I can learn to expand my knowledge and presentation in fitness and health. I plan to bring it home and to anyone that is receptive to experiencing it with me. I plan to go to lots of conferences--- fitness and medical. I will be a student--- not a teacher. I will take you along on my journey. I also plan to teach classes in my community for community service. I've got to get people moving and in better health. So I'm going to jump on these projects in about three weeks. Right now I'm going on vacation.............. Beach-- Florida!

Have Fun and Be Fit,

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DVDs to ship Friday!!!

I will be shipping out orders starting on Friday. I'm so excited !!! It's almost time to PARTY!!!

Katina Hunter

Addendum: June 25, 2008

I receive the dvds before the estimated date--- Yeah!!! So will be shipping today through Friday! You will receive an email notification when your order is shipped.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Presale Over and DVDs to ship next week

The Party3 Presale has ended. I am hoping to ship the dvds out by the end of the week. I am waiting to receive them from the replicator. I have all of the shipping supplies ready to go-- just need the dvds. I will post on my blog the day I receive them and I will also send out an email notification when your order is shipped. I would like to thank everyone who ordered for your support! This would not be possible without you.

Thanks again,

Katina Hunter

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Step Party 2 Cover

Here is Step Party 2 Cover. The Party3 series Presale Ends June 22 at 12:00 noon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Circuit Party Cover

JOIN THE PARTY!!! More to come......

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Interval Party Cover

Here is Interval Party's Cover---- more to come.
Katina Hunter

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Party 3 Series is "A Knockout"

I have been doing and previewing the videos all week to make sure everything is right. My son has been by my side as I work. I didn't feel him jumping around for a few minutes and I looked and there he was---" Knocked Out" on my daybed from the set. I knew that the daybed would get good use. I could not believe that the Party 3 series had him knocked out because he does not go down easy. He has tons of energy. So I'm trying it every night the rest of this week. Anyway, off to the replicator on Monday!!!!! Yeah!!! And will post covers soon.

Katina Hunter

Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Update Party 3 Series

Will wrap things up with the dvds this weekend. I will have to do one more check to make sure the menu systems work properly and everything is near perfection. I'm hoping to send off to the replicator mid week or sooner. I will post the covers of the workout next week--- they look great. Thanks Wes and Charlotte!!! I have been so busy this week---working and doing the workouts. I decided to wear my heartrate monitor while I did them and all I have to say is 75-90 max% heartrate. I felt sweat rolling down my back and side-- one indicator of a good workout.

Will be back soon,


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My niece at her graduation--- Congrats!!!

My editor and I are still working hard to get these dvds out to you guys. I wanted to give a quick update on our progress. We have viewed all of the workouts this weekend--- they look great!!! Thanks Greg and Kyunnie-- you guys rock. Kyunnie is now queaking the sound -- bumping up the music and making sure my audio is clear and audible. He will give me samples on Sunday so that I can workout to them. I won't be able to do them until next week because I'm going out of town to Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. My niece, Tanesha, is graduating from high school. So shouts out to Tanesha!! I'm so proud of you!!!
Next week will be a comedy show for me because I crack myself up when I do my own workouts. I don't know where some of the stuff that I say comes from. So if all is well after my comedy show, I will get my master copies and off they go to the replicator. Also, this weekend I was able to get the times of the workouts so that I can give to my graphic designer and my cover writer/consultant. So I wanted to give them to you guys too.

This is an estimate, give or take 1-2 minutes, of each workout and premix.

Step Party 2-- 63 minutes total
1. Quick Step Mix 1 + bi/tris---34 min
2. Quick Step Mix 2 + chest/back--27 min

Interval Party 2-- 56 minutes total
1. Combo Mix + shoulders/abs--- 32 min
2. Interval Mix + legs--21 min

Circuit Party --68 minutes total
1. I Love Weights --37min
2. I Love Cardio-- 26 min

Will keep you posted!

Katina Hunter

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on Presale and Party 3 Pack

The Presale has started and I would like to thank everyone that has ordered the Party 3 Pack. Thank you!! I plan to keep you updated on our progress. I'm excited to tell you guys that my wonderful editor, Kyunnie, has all of the videos sync and edited. What we are planning on doing this weekend is putting in the slides-- like the title page, menu pages, credits, and etc. I will also be able to take the dvd home and do my final viewing . I will also do the video to make sure everything is right. Then I will give it to one of my friends to do to check behind me. This helps because she is not familar with the routine so she may catch something that I missed. If everything is o.k. then it is off to the replicator. I will let you guys know how everything goes this weekend.

Thanks again,

Katina Hunter

Friday, May 9, 2008

Clips and Presale this weekend

I am hoping to start the presale this weekend for Party 3 and I will also have clips up of the three new workouts-- Step Party 2, Interval Party 2, and Circuit Party. It may be Saturday or Sunday. My web guy , Kinte, has been working hard for me this week. I had to make some additions and corrections so I don't know if he will be finish tommorrow or Sunday. I will send an email to all of my customers when it is up. I'm so excited about this Series. I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions--- just email me at tina@stepparty.com.

I mention budget friendly workouts due to the economy--- high gas and food. Here is a look at my new prices:

Presale Prices for Party 3

Party 3 Pack-- Interval Party 2, Step Party 2, Circuit Party 34.99 (Reg. 50.00)
Interval Party 2 14.90 (reg. 19.90 )
Step Party 2-- 14.95 (reg. 19.95 )
Circuit Party-- 14.99 (reg 19.99 )

Step Party 10.95
Vertical Step Party 17.95
Interval Party 17.90
Pump Party 17.99
Party Pack -- Vertical Step Party, Interval Party, and Pump Party 50.00

The prices will be effective when the presale starts. There is also a flat shipping fee if you order 1 or all 7 dvds of 5.00.

I hope this is helpful!!!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Circuit Party Breakdown


We really look like angels, don't we? Serious Party Angels---- just like our workout Circuit Party--- serious but angelic. We start you out with a warm up pattern that will be the base pattern for the rest of the weighted cardio portions in the workout. This pattern will be altered slightly to fit the body part that we are working. After the warm up, the workout is broken up into the following sections:

1. Leg weights-- swats, lunges, donkey kicks, inner and outer thigh work, etc.
2. Cardio Legs
3. Back/Chest weights-- rows, lat pull downs, push ups, flies, etc.
4. Cardio Back/Chest
5. Shoulders-- Overhead press, lat raises, etc.
6. Cardio Shoulders
7. Biceps/Triceps-- tricep dips, bicep curls, tricep ext, etc.
8. Cardio Bis/Tris
9. Cardio Abs
10. Ab work with the resist a ball
11. Stretch


1. I love Weights -- if you just want to do the mod. to heavy weight sections
2. I love Cardio-- if you just want to do the weighted cardio sections

My editor and I worked on this workout yesterday. It looked awesome. I will have clips up this week. I will be delivering the clips to my website guy tommorrow. I will beg him to get them up as soon as possible. Once I have the clips up, I will begin my presale. With gas and food costing so much these days, I'm really wanting to sell budget friendly workouts. I think that a girl should not have to sacrifice her workout for anything.

Katina Hunter

Friday, April 25, 2008

Interval Party 2 Pics and Breakdown


Tamra, Katina (me), Lisa, Ranel, and Sondra

Interval Party starts out with a warm up combo that has a mix of athletic moves with a little dance flair. Nothing that is to complicated in the warm up. Then we stretch you out with a little bit of kickbox moves and dance moves. You know I had to "take it down low." Then we start with combo 1 and interval 1 comes next. Then you move on to Combo 2 and 3 with the intervals in between. After that you have a well deserved waterbreak and we move on to 4,5,6 combos and intervals. This part of the workout has a kickbox influence. Then we have our Interval Power Party and this is where we put all the combos together and run through it twice. And then if you are game for more Party-- we have a very different BUS STOP for you in the cooldown. You can really take this routine with you to your next dance party. When my husband and I go to parties -- he is always showing me the "New" BUS STOP. So I wanted to show you guys my "new" bus stop. My husband is a great dancer. I can remember when we where younger we would challenge each other on who could come up with the best routine. Dancing is how we made our love connection. And I definitely have a love connection with him and with Interval Party 2. My editor and I will be working on this video this upcoming week.
1. Combo Mix--- all of the combos together with one body part (weights)
2. Interval Mix--- all of the intervals together with one body part (weights)
Will keep you posted!! Step Party 2 is done. I'm hoping to have clips up and start the presale by next weekend.
Katina Hunter

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Step Party 2-- Pics and Breakdown

Left to Right-- Tamra, Me (Katina), Lisa, Ranel, Sondra
Me giving visual cues-- I do alot of this in this series of workouts. So if you are a visual or auditory learners---"YOU GOT IT!"

Step Party Girls Hamcurling
Breakdown of Step Party 2
Step Party 2 starts with a 4-5 minute warm up and stretch that is easy to follow. I want to warm your brain up to. Nothing in the warm up is complicated at all. If you know how to kick corner to corner , knee corner to corner, straddle around the world, and over the tops, you got the warm up.
Then we move on to the meat of the workout. This is a little bit more complicated. But don't worry I work you up on each side to the final combo. So if you don't get it on the right, I know you will get it on the left. Then we work it side to side about 3 times each. Then I give your brain a break with a POWER PARTY. The power party is composed of one or two elements of the combo that you just completed with a twist of new moves. And you work it!! Your heartrate will elevate about 5-10 beats higher in the POWER PARTIES. Then we move on to combo 2 & 3 and their POWER PARTIES. Then you get a water break and we come back and do the other half of the workout with the same set up for combo 4,5,6 with POWER PARTIES.
Then we have our Final Step Party 2 Party and this is where we put all the combos together and run through it twice. And then a take you through a no brainer cool down and stretch.
1. 1/2 of the workout and a body part (weights)
2. The other 1/2 of the workout and a Body Part (weights)
I did this so that if you are running short on time and need to get your cardio and weights in, you can do it with this premix. Or if you want to learn the workout you can break it up and get a body part in for the day.
This is it. I will be working with my editor this week to put this together!!!
Katina Hunter

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Patient/Artist for Picture on the Party 3 Set

I had the wonderful pleasure of taking care of Christine in the practice where I worked. When I found out that she was an artist, I knew I had to get her to paint me a picture with inspirational words for the Party 3 set. Christine is responsible for "Energy and Persistance can conquer all." And these are the words that the girls and I live by. So when you are about to give up..... Remember "Energy and Persistance can conquer all" Thanks Christine and good luck with your new arrival!!!!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Circuit Party Pics

I picked out pictures by numbers from my photographer, but her numbers did not match mine so I will post more of her pictures later. But here are some of my personal pictures from Circuit Party. This is the weighted cardio section of Circuit Party. We did not have weights here because this was a quick rehearsal before the shoot. I didn't want to wear myself out , you know.
Grapevine out and down
Plyo wide row

Grapevine down to chest press

Forward lunges
More pictures coming soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

More Pictures of Party 3 Coming Soon

I have pick out some of the action shots from Interval Party 2, Circuit Party, and Step Party 2 from my photographer. I should have them by tommorrow and will post them. I was hoping to post them sooner, but I have been dragging my butt! I have what you call a fitness hangover. I wish that I could make filming videos a glamarous event, but I'm going to keep it real. It is tough!! Hours of working and moving your body and every take you must make the viewer believe that it is the first take. My hat goes off to everyone that has filmed fitness videos. It is really a tough job. During the shoot we had some serious bloopers that I would like to share with you guys--- so come along for the laugh and the ride.

I would like to call this "What happens during Technical difficulties of Video Taping of Party 3"

1. What happens if you forget to go to the bathroom, drinking lots of water, and doing lots of plyometric moves and kicking? You pee on the floor and one of the girls slips and falls. No this really didn't happen, but I was force to stop a good take to run to the potty.

2. What happens when you have almost completed one good take and mess up and then you curse in the mic? You stop and start over. This really happen. I forgot I had a mic. It was just a whisper of the d word.

3. What happens if the girl in the back slips and hits the wall and knocks down the set? You have to put it back up and start all over. This almost happen. We heard a boom and no fall, so we kept on going.

4. What happens if you are doing plyometric moves and your mic falls on the floor. You start all over. This happened.

5. What happens if all the lights cut off several times because of too much power coming from the lights? You start all over. This happened more times than I want to remember.

Can you see where I'm coming from? We had technical difficultes, but we did not give up. We wiped our sweat off and did it again until we got some good takes. I would like to thank my girls for hanging in there and giving me great energy. I truly had some awesome help in making Party 3!! Thanks everyone. Now I'm recovered and ready to continue to work to make this the most awesome video series ever.

Katina Hunter

Saturday, April 5, 2008



US AGAIN........





Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have completed almost everything on my list. Still a few loose ends to tie. One the hardest things to get completed is wardrobe. I think we finally have all our bottoms to fit all of our shapes. Do you know how hard it is to please 5 women in exercise clothing? If you don't know, you don't want to know.
Anyway, yesterday and today we did a practice shoot with the cameras and lights and I'm so glad. It's something about that camera that you just have to warm up to. I felt a little funny at first and then it all went away. All of the workouts went well. I tried to decide which workout I like best and I like all of them in a different kind of way. Well, you will see them soon. I'm going to try to post clips a couple of weeks after filming and you will see what I mean. I will be busy this week finishing my list and getting ready for Friday. I will try to post pictures Friday or Saturday of the Step Party girls in action. Oh yeah, to add to my list of things this week---I'm starting a new job. What great timing---- but I know it will all WORK OUT!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have been busy, busy, busy. We have doubled our practices and I have a long lists of things left to do. And I realized today that we have less then 3 weeks before we film. I'm going to make a list so that I can check back and make sure that I have done everything.

1. We have to get our shoes and bottoms. We are wearing capris and long pants. I have decided against shorts because I don't feel like riding dirty. If you know what I mean.

2. I have to finish the set. I have to do some building, painting, and I have to pick up a piece of furniture that I have feel in love with. I can't wait to see how it will look on the set. (And in my house after the shoot)

3. I have to send out checks and contracts to my music companies and contract workers. And start on the cover design concept and write out menus, premixes, and credits.

4. I have to lose about 3 more pounds to be a my goal weight.

5. I have to make sure we have all of our equipment at the gym -- hand gloves, resistant bands, and nice clean mats.

6. Have to get a lot of healthy energy snacks to keep us going!!!!

7. I have to pray!!!!

I know I probably forgot something on the list, but as you can see I will be busy, busy, busy these last three weeks. I'm going to be TIRED after all of this, but I know it is worth it because these workouts are challenging and FUN!

Katina Hunter

Monday, March 3, 2008



Growing up with a mom for a dance teacher and participating in sports I've always been very active, but never participated in organized fitness until 1998 after the birth of my third child.
At the time I had just moved to Ft. Rucker AL with my husband, and didn't know very many people.
Finding it hard to lose the extra baby weight, feeling depressed, and very isolated
I decided to go try a step class with another Army wife I had just met.
I was HOOKED!!!!
It was tough at first. I had a few spills, and the choreography was hard for me as I don't pick it up very fast, but this was great stuff!!
The baby weight came off, it helped tremendously with the depression, and I made a lot of wonderful, supportive friends that I continue to stay in contact with today!
I slowly started adding weights, walking/running, and floor routines at home or the track.
This really made a huge difference in my weight loss
After a move to Ft. Bragg NC I began taking classes on the adjacent Pope AF Base gym.
This was a whole new level of working out.
Advanced moves, high impact interval..my new instructors made you drive a little further...pushed you beyond what you thought you could do.
Now I was plain out addicted to Step.
Fitness has kept me sane throughout deployments, school, kids, and whatever life in general throws at me.
After 10 years, 4 moves to different states, a lot of different classes, and instructors I still LOVE doing Step!
I am thrilled to be able to participate in the making of Step Party III.
Its been a pleasure getting to know, and learn from Katina.
The other ladies from Step Party have been super friendly and uplifting!
All in all the experience so far has been a blast, and a blessing on many levels!

From Tina: It has been awesome having Ranel join the Step Party team. The girl can go.!!! We have also named a move in Step Party 2 after her--- "The RANEL L". Just wait until you see her go!!!! Thanks Ranel , you are a blessing to Step Party in so many ways.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Katina's Story

Katina's Fitness Story
Fitness began for me when I was a little girl. One Christmas Santa bought me the best present ever-- a radio with a cassette player. I would pack up my radio, my tapes, and my dance routine and take it to my friend's house across the street. I would teach her routine after routine. We would dance from sun up to sun down trying to get our routine just right. My friend, Demetria, was a such a great student. As a child, I was also involved in softball and basketball until high school. My love for music lead me to play in the marching band in high school. But my first official fitness class wasn't until my freshman year in college. I had to take a P.E. and aerobics it was. I LOVED IT!!! I loved it so much that I would go to my P.E. class in the morning and go again at night. It was there that I wanted to teach, but I was too scared. So I continued to take a zillion classes. When I graduated and return back to my small hometown my aerobics classes became a thing of the past. At home there was only one store and no gym. So I had to figure out a way to continue to exercise. I bought my first video tape----Keli Robert's Ultimate Step. Several video tapes and years later, we finally got a gym and I was ready to teach. And I have been teaching ever since. I really love teaching, designing choreography, and helping people in their quest to a healthier lifestyle. Fitness is a great creative outlet for me. And I hope to do it till I die.

Katina Hunter

Thursday, February 14, 2008



Sondra's fitness Story

Fitness as a lifestyle started for me 7 years ago when I was 31 years old wearing a size 20 in clothing. I cleaned up my eating and started taking aerobic and strength conditioning classes at the local gym. Over the course of 8 months, I was 60 pounds lighter and wearing a size 8 in clothing. I became inspired by other aerobic instructors, including Katina, to teach aerobics. So I obtained my certifications in Indoor Cycling, Punk Rope, Group Fitness, and Personal Training. In 2006, I entered my first body building competition and to my surprise I placed first in my age and weight class. In 2007, Tina asked me to participate in her Step Party filming. It was hard work with all the practice and taping. I remember saying to her, "I don't think I could do this again" and she said, "If I ask you tommorrow you'll say yes." She was right and I am excited and ready to do it all again because I love a challenge.

From Tina:

"Driven" is the one word to describe Sondra. When she puts her mind to something she is going to give it her all until the end. She is such an inspiration to me. I look at her and I say, "This girl has got it going on!!! I want to be like her when I grow up." She is truly a wonderful blessing for Step Party.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Circuit Party!!

Circuit Party Fuzzy Pics:

Weighted cardio ab segment

Lat pull downs with the resist a band

Donkey Kicks with resist a band

One leg double arm row with dumbbells

My pics are fuzzy this week. I don't know what happen, but I'm posting them anyway. Circuit Party is hard. I was exhausted after today's practice and I know I will be sore tommorrow. We will be doing moderate to heavy single muscle group exercises and then a cardio segment that focuses on the same muscle group. I wanted to show two of the back exercises using the weights and the resist a band, one of the exercises for the legs with the resist a band, and our cardio weighted segment with the abs. There will be lots of modifications shown in the video --- so if you are just starting out with weight work this will be a great video for you or if you are an advance die hard exercisers this video is for you too. I have a very knowledgeable team and we have come up with something for everyone. I'm sooooo tired, so off to bed I go. See ya next week.
Katina Hunter

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Party 3 Crew

Step Party is pleased to announce two new additions to the Party Crew. Each of these girls have inspired me in different ways. Tamara is my new inspiration and trainer. She has taught me so much more about strength training and ways to get the most out of your workout. You will see some of her signature moves in Circuit Party. This girl can really work your butt off!!! She keeps me on track with my diet and my strength training workouts. So I introduce to you, Tamara Fell.
I happen to love cardio and I have found a girl that loves it as much as I do. My new cardio partner and new addition to Step Party's crew is Ranel Bentley. Ranel can do 3 one hour step classes back to back.

"Party 3" Crew in action "Interval Party 2"-- I'm serious!!!!!!

"Party 3" Crew-- Tamara, Ranel, Me (Katina), Sondra, and Lisa after our first practice. Do you see the Sweat? We practiced Interval Party 2 tonight and the girls did a wonderful job with picking up all the choreography. We just need to fine tune it. This crew is awesome. Here are some more pics of the girls:

Ranel, Sondra, Tamara, and Lisa
Thanks girls! We will be practicing Circuit Party next week. I will post pictures of some of the exercises that we will be doing in this video. So stay tuned..............The Party is not over.
Katina Hunter

Friday, January 25, 2008


We have 1 week before we will begin practicing for the new Party 3 series. I have all of the routines and music ready to go. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been testing the combos in my class and they all work and flow well. I had to make a couple of modifications to some of the moves because it was too much. My goal in coming up with the right routine is to make it doable. I want my customers to feel that they can do this workout. I do not want a whole lot of cool moves that don't flow and that are overkill. I've found that the best things in life are simple. I'm really excited about starting next week. I have a great crew that I know will get the routine down in a couple of weeks. I will be introducing them and telling more about their fitness journey starting next week. So stay tune.........exciting things are coming.

Katina Hunter

Saturday, January 19, 2008


When do you know that you have gone too low? Listen to my story and you will know what I'm talking about. I have about 10 weeks until the filming of my next video Party 3 series, so I decide that I'm going to eat cleanier and cut out some of my occasional sugary snacks (which I LOVE). I'm going to stick by my protein, carb, and fat requirements. I want to look a little bit leaner, after all I want to set an example and motivate people to do my exercise tapes.
I have done no cheating for a couple of days. I'm so proud of myself. I have beat the sweet demon and I'm on my way. I've stayed within my so called "requirements."
This particular night, I have a hard time going to sleep. I want to go to the pantry and get something, but I tell myself " just go to sleep and it will be morning and you can start all over." I drift off to sleep and here they come. Who are they? Why won't they leave me alone. They know that I'm training and eating cleanier for my video shoot. They want to jump on me. They want me to eat them. It's a 1/2 dozen of them. They are Krispy Kreme Kritters!!!!! Can you believe that I'm dreaming about donuts chasing me? It's a warning sign. But I don't get it. I get up the next morning and eat my oatmeal and go to work. I'm seeing my first patient and performing her exam. Well, the room gets hot, I feel a little funny. So I ask her, "Is it hot in here?" And she says, "No." I can't finish her exam because I would hate to pass out in the middle of her pap smear. Can you imagine what that would do to her? So, I excuse myself and run to the pantry and grab the first edible thing that I see--an orange and suck it to death. Within minutes, I feel better. I finish the exam and evaluate my events within the last 24 hours.

Why didn't I listen to my body? It was telling me that I need more.

The lessons that I have learned:
1. Don't ever go to bed hungry.
2. Don't be so restrictive on your diet.
3. Don't eat by numbers, eat by the way your body feels.

If I would have done the above, I would have not been attack by the Krispy Kreme Kritters. So, if I look a little fluffy in the next set of videos-- it was those darn Krispy Kreme Kritters.
And remember, please take all of my mistakes for love,

Katina Hunter

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Step Party's Roadtrip

I had a wonderful opportunity this week to travel to East Georgia Health Care Center to speak at a Healthy Living Class. I was able to share some of my current research on the best type of exercises for different disease processes. Through my research, I found that progressive strength training has shown to be very beneficial for people with chronic diseases. Progressive strength training is where the participants advance to higher demand level at their own pace. It is recommended that the participants start out with 2 sets of 8 repetitions for all of the major muscle groups twice weekly. This alone has shown significant improvements in the overall health of individuals with cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. I was able to design a program base on my research for these particular individuals. I designed a chair base routine using the resist a band. I demonstrated exercises for all the major muscle groups and I also gave options for progression. The participants in the healthy living class were amazed on how this workout with the resist a band could improve their health. They were also amazed that they had completed their first workout by the end of the class. I have decided that in addition to filming the Party 3 series, I will be filming "Progressive Party" for individuals with chronic diseases and/or individuals that are just starting out. I really enjoyed teaching this class and this road trip has revealed to me my purpose.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


How I got into fitness : Lisa's story

I first began my journey to fitness when I moved to Indiana and began taking my first step aerobics class. Although at the time my instructor weighed close to 300 lbs, she encouraged everyone to work at their own pace and their own fitness levels. When I moved back to Georgia and walked into Tina's step class the choreography had me spinning around the bench and doing things I never thought I could do. Although I was unfamiliar with Tina's class and the choreography was difficult, I am not one to back down from a challenge and I've been stepping with Tina ever since. I find myself looking forward to Tina's class each week because she is vibrant and exciting and she challenges me to push ahead with each step.

I’m not going to lie to you, shooting the aerobics videos was tough but it’s a “feel good” pain. It’s the kind of pain that you feel when you’ve lifted weights at the gym and the next day your muscles are sore. Even though you’re sore, you feel a great sense of accomplishment. Not too mention, we had a blast! It was so much fun making the videos. Hopefully, I’ll be in many more to come!! Thanks Tina, you’re the best!!!!!

Lisa R. Rozwarski

P.S. Is there a mirror around here? Ha! Ha!
From Katina:
(If you can't find Lisa when it is time to shoot the video, check the mirror in the bathroom. She is the only one who cares how they look at the end of the shoot.)
THANKS LISA!! Lisa has been with Step Party since the first video. She is the girl that can lift her legs to her head. (I wish for that type of flexibility-- but I'm working on it.) Anyway, she told me that she walked out of my class the first time she took it, but she came back. I love it! A girl that won't give up. The girl is awesome and I'm so grateful to have her on board. You will see Lisa in the next 'Party 3 Series.'
Katina Hunter