Friday, November 30, 2007




We filmed Vertical Step Party on a Friday afternoon. We started at about 6:00 pm and we where finish by 8:00. The girls and I did really well on filming this video. We pick this one first because we thought it would be the hardest for us to film. So we went into Saturday thinking that we will be finish with Interval Party and Pump Party by noon. Well, we got started first on Interval Party around 8:30 am and the first half went great and then we got to Combo 3/4 and we kept messing up ----BAD. It took us 6 hours to film -- we were finally finish by 3:00 pm. And then we started on Pump Party which was a breeze. We were out of the studio by 5:00.

My next shoot of Party3 series-- I will be filming one video per day. Interval 2 on Friday (I'm doing this one first) Step Party 2-- Saturday and Circuit Party --- Sunday.

Congrats to Cherita and Coretta-- ENJOY!
Katina Hunter

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Two lucky winners will receive a free dvd of your choice by being the first person to email me the correct answer to the following questions:

Which dvd took the longest to film in the last series?

A. Vertical Step Party

B. Interval Party

C. Pump Party

How long did it take to film?

A. 4 hours

B. 6 hours

C. 8 hours

Email me at with your correct answer. The first two people to get both of the questions correct will win a free dvd of your choice. I will announce the winner on my blog-- as soon as I get the right answer. Happy Holidays!!!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Here is a synopsis of INTERVAL PARTY 2:

Interval Party 2-- Hi/low floor workout

Level: Beginners to advance

Length: 50-60 minutes

Content: 6 combos and 6 intervals

Style: Mix of dance, athletic, and kickbox moves

Signature Moves:
Low slow, High Quick
Pop N Lock
Chris Cross Jump

Music: Instrumental -- good beats -- also 1-2 recognizable 80-90's instrumental songs mixed in

Disc features: Party Mix (premixes)
1. Combo mix -- combos only (quick steady state workout)
2. Interval mix-- intervals only (quick calorie burn workout)

Plan your own Party (chapters)-- choose your own segments

** I'm currently working on music selection for Step Party 2 and Circuit Party. I hope to have the breakdown of Circuit Party and the music selection next week.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Katina Hunter

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm thankful that God has truly blessed me and he keeps on blessing me. I'm thankful for everyone's support and encouraging words in regards to all of Step Party products. Everyone has made this year spectacular. "THANK YOU!"

I am proud to announce that I have confirmed a film date for the "Party 3 Series"-- Step Party 2, Interval Party 2, and Circuit Party. The film date is the first weekend in April 2008. I will continue to place updates of the new "Party3 Series" on Step Party's Blog. I will also have detailed descriptions of the workouts next week.

I can say that I have truly been blessed and I am very THANKFUL!!! And I would like to wish everyone a "HAPPY AND SAFE THANKSGIVING!!!"


Sunday, November 11, 2007


After my adventurous week last week---I'm sick. I have an awful cold. So I decided to try to teach my classes this week and work and that did not work. By the end of this week I felt like a truck had ran me over. Anyway, no fitness journey this week. Beginning next week, I'm planning on working all of the fitness journeys into my fitness regimen. I am also coming close to finalizing the filming date for next year. So I will be blogging every week about the filming progress of Step Party 2, Interval Party 2 , and Circuit Party---- I'm so excited!!! The choreography is awesome!! (Thank you Lord for this awesome gift!!) Katina Hunter

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fitness Fusion--- Yogapaddle

Fitness Journey--Oct. 29-Nov. 4----- YOGAPADDLE

What is it? A two hour class where you kayak down the river to a remote site and then you practice yoga and after yoga you kayak back to the starting point. Do you see the fusion? Who would put the two together. An instructor that has the love for kayaking and yoga.
My Yogapaddle story--- OK, I arrive at the site a few minutes before the class. Well, I didn't see anyone at the dock. So I'm on my way back to my car and a man says, "Are you here for the class? They just left. I can show you where to go to catch up with them. You can go down the river about a mile or so and go right and then left. "So he gets me my life jacket and kayak. Then he ask me, "Have you done this before?" NO!! I have never done this before. And then he says, "It can flip, so you have a balance and be steady." I can swim pretty good in a pool, but I don't know about a river. I'm scared to death. Well, I get started and what is suppose to be a mile turns into MILES........It takes me forever to get down the river. I start to feel my forearms and biceps and I think, "I still have to do yoga and travel back." I get stuck, I go the wrong way, I'm LOST. I never find the remote site where they are doing yoga, but I finally find my way back to the dock after an hour. But on the way back, I get the hang of it. I sort of look like I know what I'm doing. I'm moving faster.

Lesson Learned: If you think you can do it, YOU CAN!!