Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fit Party Coming Soon

Done with all choreography of Fit Party!! This workout will be very different in several ways. I will go into details later on how this will differ from my previous productions. But I promise to stay true to my fun, easy to follow, sweaty, and feel good workout experience. I wanted to step out of the box a little with this one. So I hope you guys will enjoy it. Just have to organize and pick music and I will be ready to film. I'm getting workout gear today. The hub gave me a pair of nikes for Valentine's Day that I plan to coordinate my gear with them. My film date is set for April 11!!

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Finally of Mr. Munchy

Mr. Munchy does not stand a chance at my house. The final results of the attach plan:

What Killed HIM:

Small protein rich meals

Exercise (when you want to cheat it will get you back on track)


Veges and Fruit


Protein Shake

What did not KILL HIM:

Waiting 20 minutes and reevaluating

Eating a small piece of what I wanted ( I only wanted more and more)

What kept him Hanging Over MY Head:
(worked in certain situations)

Gum and the teeth brushing worked after a meal -- you know when you want to end your meal with something sweet. But the snack attack in between meals the gum and brushing did not seem to work. I still wanted something to snack on.

I have my attach plan and I feel more in control of my cravings and food choices. I really think it is because I have a plan. So I encourage you today to get your plan in place to kill Mr. Munchy -----DEAD!

Fit Party Update:

Only I one more section of Yoga Party left and I will be done with all of the choreography. I'm working on music selection now. Will continue to post on my progress.

Katina Hunter

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mr. Munchy is Dead

I have not tested all of the attach plan, but a few of the ones that I have tried last week worked. What seem to work the best wasn't even on the list. The first day I waiting for Mr. Munchy to arrive and by God he never did. And this seem to be the best strategy of all. So I guess if you have a plan in place he will know to stay away. Later in the week, after I wasn't really thinking about him coming that joker snuck up on me in the grocery store when I saw chocolate bars at the check out. So I decided to do the wait 20 minutes and reevaluate the craving. Well initially he disappear and about an hour later he came back with his cousin. I ended up eating a Balance Bar and a bag of my daughter's M&Ms. So next was the Fruit Strategy-- it worked. Killed him dead. And the Yoplait killed him-- go Bob. And the protein shake killed him. But I make my protein shakes with fruit for sweetness and it worked. I have also discovered that for those Crunchy cravings try raw veges like carrots, celery, and cumcubers. I will try the other attach plan this week and report back whether they seemed to work for me.

I will be working on the last block of Core Party and Yoga Party in next couple of weeks. I start my new old job tommorrow and I'm so excited about a fresh start. My girls and I went out Friday night for some Thai and Dancing. We tore the floor Up!!!!

Have Fun and Be Fit!

Katina Hunter