Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Kill Mr. Munchy

Is there an effective way to kill those munchies? The sweet, the salty, the crunchy munchies that arrive at some point during the day or that particular week (PMS). I have heard and read of different suggestions that are suppose to kill the Crunchy, Salty, Sweety Munchy. By the way he is part of the fat devil's team. Anyway this week I was watching Biggest Loser and the contestants ask Bob what do they do when the Mr. Munchy arrives? He said "Yoplait" I wonder would that really work. So this week , I'm on a mission to kill Mr. Munchy. I have a plan. But I wonder which attack will work?

Attack Plan

1. Chewing gum
2. Yoplait
3. Eat a small protein rich meal
4. Protein shake/Bar (only 1 -- I love those Balance bars like a snicker and I will eat 2 or more)
5. Wait 20 minutes and reevaluate the craving
6. Just Eat it (smaller portion than what I had plan for) Will this be possible?
7. Brush my teeth
8. Eat some fruit or raw veges
9. Exercise-- walk around if I'm at work or do 30 minute session if I'm at home
10. Pray-- Prayer changes things

I will be testing the following attacks this week and blog about what seemed to work. This is really going to be interesting to see if any of this really works. I encourage you to try it to and let me know.

Fit Party Update

Working on the last Block of Core Party and just Yoga Party left. I will have more time to work on finishing FIT after next week. I will be changing jobs. I will be so glad to go back to my old job. I can't wait. My friends and I are going out to celebrate on Friday-- will try to post pictures of the Celebration.

Katina Hunter

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creative Training-- Part 1

This year I have decided to post Creative Training on my blog to get you out of your exercise Rut! Creative Training is training in ways that you have not trained before. We all get stuck doing what we did last year. But this year I want you to look at your current program and add creative training somewhere in it. I will be posting different ways to add/change your program throughout the year. In this particular post I'm focusing on strength training. I have lots of videos and workouts that all do different things with strength training. Some are total body, some are split workouts (chest/back. abs, Legs/shoulders, etc.), and some are upper and lower body. How do you put all of these workouts in a weekly routine? It can be a challenge and you could miss out on really getting the most out of your workouts if you stick to the same ones all the time or rotate them wrong throughout the week. So how do we make the best out of our strength training workouts/videos?

1. Group your strength training workouts according?

Total body

(Total Body with an emphasis on............) Lots of instructors like to kill a particular body part in a total body routine and when you do that video make a note that it is a total body with emphasis on whatever body part they killed. Ex. Pump Party/shoulders ( I love shoulder work) NYC/triceps (Kelly Coffey-Meyers)

Split Routine-- Bis/Tris , Chest/Back, Shoulders/Abs, etc. (You can change your split routine by grouping them differently-- Bi/Legs, Shoulders/ Legs, Chest/Abs, etc.)

Lower Body -glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings, inner and outer thigh

Upper Body -- back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs

Compound Total Body (compound exercises)-- working lower and upper body together

Circuit Workouts--- (cardio alternating with strength training)

Ab only Workouts

2. Decide what your goals are?

Tighter thighs--- Lower body

Tone arms-- biceps/triceps/ shoulders

Muscular endurance-- compound exercises

Rock hard core-- abs

One stop shop-- circuit training

Weight loss


3. Decide what type of rotation you would like to do for how long? I suggest not doing the rotation longer than 4 weeks. Anything longer makes it hard to stick to and boring. Here are a few examples:

1.Total body with an emphasis on abs for 3 weeks-- 3 sessions per week Ab workout everytime you total body Mon/Wed/Fri

2.Circuit Workout for 4 weeks-- 4 sessions per week Mon-Thurs

3.Split workouts for 3 weeks with an emphasis on Lower body-- Mon-- Chest/Back and Lower body workout Tuesday-- bis and triceps Wednesday-- Abs, Legs
Friday-- Shoulders and Lower body workout

4. Total body with emphasis on a split-- 3-4 exercises from your split Chest/Back and 1 exercise from each other body part. 3-4 exercises from Bis/Tris and 1 exercise for each other body part

5. Alternating Upper and Lower Body-- Monday-Upper Tuesday-- Lower, etc.

6. Split with 1 total body exercise

7. Total body x2 with 1x compound exercise

The list could go on and on. So I encourage you to pick a way to train that you have never done before. Step outside of your box. Our bodies adapt and we have to keep tricking it. My
current 3 week creative training consists of --- Total body with emphasis on abs/ cardio 45 mins alternating days--step,kickbox or hi-low,Walk/run (interval workout), yoga once a week. After you are finish with your rotation, measure your results? Muscle strength, tone, endurance, clothes fit better, can see abs, thighs looking tighter, weight loss, and did I like it? See what rotation works the best for you and your body and work from there. So I encourage you to put an identity to your workout today. Look at your workout and name it.

The beauty of fitness is that you can create your own way of training to figure out what works best for you. So encourage you to look at your program and think of ways to add variety to jazz up your program. I know lots of people that do the same thing everytime they exercise. How boring is that? Anyway, let's add creative training to our program today.

Katina Hunter

Friday, January 9, 2009

Regroup Queen

I know with the New Year here we have placed lots of expectations upon ourselves to adhere to some type of plan/regime---Be it fitness, financial, spiritual, etc. So we start out really great and we have a slip up in the plan and we decide that our plans were unrealistic and we just say forget it. But I'm here to say " Don't give up! " It may take you all year to achieve your goal, but you will never have a chance if you abandon it. REGROUP and start over. I have a perfect example for you. With me training for FIT Party, I have developed a fitness regime for most days of the week. I keep a calendar and I write my workouts and I love to check them off. Well on Tuesday after working all weekend and doing my workouts I was tired as a dog. I could not move my body off the couch. I had those thoughts of I can't stick to the program. I did not work out that night. So the next day I had two choices--- Abandon the regime or keep going. The next day I was energized and I kept going and I did not think about my mishap. I needed to rejuvenate and reenergize. And I'm glad I didn't quit because I have finished Step Party portion of FIT Party and started on Core Party and I have lost 4 pounds!!!! (15 more pounds to go) So I'm here to say just "REGROUP." I call myself the Regroup Queen because if I mess up (which I do) I just regroup.

Katina Hunter