Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost done with choreography!!!

I'm still working on my choreography for Kick Party and believe it or not ..... I'm almost done. Right now I have 5 combos and power parties. I just need to come up with 1-2 more and I'll be done with the meat of the workout. I can't believe how all of the this comes to me. It's got to be GOD.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Working on my own!

o.k, I popped in another kickboxing dvd and got pass the warm up and something told me to start working on my own workout. So I put in some kickboxing music and I came alive. When I get started, I never really know what to do or where to start. So I just let the music and my mind take me. I had a great hour workout. I have 2 combos and 4-5 power parties to incorporate in Kick Party. I will continue to work on Kick Party throughout this week. I also want to do a couple more kickbox workouts and I will post my thoughts and learning.



Friday, June 18, 2010

Kimberly Spreen: Absolute Kickboxing Workout

Had a stomach bug the last 48 hours. I am just now feeling up to par to exercise, so I decided to do Kimberly Spreen- Absolute Kickboxing Workout. I did not do the combat interval segments with the weighted bar, I only did the kickboxing segments.

Katina's 7 F's:


Warm Up

Combo 1 & 2: The first combos are kickboxing and the second is kickboxing but with a focus on the lower body

Combo 3 & 4: Follows the same format as combos 1 & 2

Combo 5 & 6: Combo 5 consists on kickboxing and combo 6 is kickboxing with a focus on the core.

Cool- Down: Focus on Balance


Cardio with strength moves for lower body and core.


All moves flowed well together


Kimberly once again is fierce and I love the music on this dvd.

Fat- Burning:

45 minutes I burned 280 calories.

Frugal Find:

8.99 @

From: There are lots of ways to construct a kickboxing workout. How will I format my workout? The sky is the limit.

Out of town this weekend. Will be back on Sunday and will try to do another kickbox workout. See ya Sunday,

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oldie But Goodie

Kathy Smith Kickboxing Workout filmed in 1999.
This was workout from yesterday. This was my first time doing this workout and I enjoyed it. I was surprised to see Keli Roberts featured in the video. She had short red hair. Anyhoo, here is my 7 F's breakdown.
Warm up
Several combos that incorporate punches and kicks.
Standing lowerbody kick segment (with a chair for balance)
Cool-Down/ Core segment
This workout worked the entire upper and lowerbody with a standing lower body sculpting and core workout.
All of the moves flowed well together throughout the whole workout
Kathy had pretty good energy and music was o.k.
Fat-burning: 250 calories in 45 minutes
Frugal Find: Hard to find this dvd in print. It must have almost sold out. But I did find it @ for 7.93.
From: What I learned from this workout was to definitely include breakdown moves and variations to the combos when teaching it. They did this very effectively throughout the workout. But I also need to make sure not to compromise the intensity while doing so.
On to do my second workout for the week,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kimberly Spreen Kickbox Bootcamp

Today's workout was Kimberly Spreen's Kickbox Bootcamp. I have not done this workout in quite a while. And I was surprised to see that I needed my step. This workout format was a little different and here is the breakdown of my 7 F's:
Combo 1-- Simple step moves that vary in intensity (she calls them power ups)
Kickboxing Combo on the floor
Back to the Power Ups and Kickboxing combo
Strength segment (with the weights or body bar)
Combo 2-- Follows the same format as combo 1 but with different moves
Combo 3-- Focuses on strength that works your back and chest
Core Workout
Yoga inspired Stretch
Functionality: Cardio/Strength/and Flexibility throughout this workout. This was a total body workout.
Flow: All of the moves flowed well together.
Fun: Kimberly is a great motivator and I think she is made to be a kickboxing instructor. She just looks right when she does all of the moves. The music was o.k. I really enjoyed one of the songs on the video.
Fat Burning: 310 calories in 53 minutes.
Frugal Find: The cheapest I could find this video was at for 11.34.
From: While doing this video, I thought and prayed that I look like a fierce kickboxing instructor like Kimberly while filming Kick Party.
Will check in next week with some more kickboxing vids. I'm running and going to a softball tournament this weekend.
Have a great weekend,
Katina Hunter

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The King of Kickboxing...............

My kickboxing workout for today featured the King of Kickboxing Mr. Billy Blanks in the Ultimate Bootcamp.

Katina's 7 F's:

Starts with a warm-up and then I believe that Billy has lots of moves/combos and just does them on the fly. So it was hard for me to determine his format. This workout ends with a sort of tai chi cool-down.

I would have to say about 1/2 cardiovascular and 1/2 strength with the Billy Bands. This workout was definitely a full body workout.

Moves flowed very well. But I didn't get the roll on the floor between push-ups??

I love Billy Blanks energy and motivation throughout the workout. The music was good.

340 calories in 53 minutes.

Frugal Find: 3.50 @

From: What I got from this workout to come up with a different type of cool-down for this kickboxing workout. I'm not sure what, but I am going to focus on putting together a different kind of cool down for Kick Party.

Stay Tune for my next workout,

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday's Kickboxing Workouts


Short on time today due to work/home schedule. I needed a quick fix for today's workout so here is what I came up with Turbo Jam 20 minute workout and my 15 minute Kick Party workout from Fit Party. Burned 235 calories in 35 minutes--- pretty good combination. I will only review Turbo Jam because I think I might be a little bias on Fit Party.

Katina's 7 F's:



3 Combos (cardio with basic kickboxing moves and dance moves)

1 Turbo (interval)

Cool Down Stretch


Moves flowed well-- one tricky move at the end. But I got it here and there.


Mainly cardiovascular with a lot of upper body kickboxing moves and some lower body moves.


Chalene is very high energy and kept me motivated throughout the workout. Music was o.k.

Fat Burning:

Burned 125 calories in 20 minutes.

Frugal Find:
16.24 @ for 5 dvd set


After doing this workout, I may consider adding premixes on Kick Party DVD to include a 20-25 minute workout if you run short on time like I did today.

Going night- night.

Katina Hunter

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jeanette Jenkins Hollywood Trainer-- Kickboxing Bootcamp

My kickbox workout from yesterday: The Hollywood Trainer Kickboxing Bootcamp with Jeanette Jenkins. Katina's 7 F's
Warm Up
Kickboxing combos with compound sculpting moves intersperse throughout the workout.
Cool-Down with short ab workout
Cardio workout with total body sculpting
All combos and moves flowed very well throughout this workout.
Jeanette had high energy throughout and music was good with a good tempo and loud enough for me to really get into the workout.
280 calories in 45 minutes
Frugal Find: I believe that Jeanette is the only supplier for this workout. She sells it at her website for 12.95.
My thoughts after this workout was I have to find really good music to make this workout great. I need the right tempo and beat throughout the workout. Wish me good luck,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 3- Jeanette Jenkins Super Charged Kickbox Party

Jeanette Jenkins Super Charged Kickbox Party
Combos 1-5
Cool Down
Each combo consist of 1/2 kickbox moves and 1/2 dance moves.
Mainly a cardio routine with a few variations of squats for lower body sculpting. Includes basic kickbox moves along with dances moves.
Considering that there is a mix of dance moves and kickbox moves most of the combos flowed. However, there was one combo that I felt very uncoordinated.
Jeanette had great energy throughout this workout. There were times that I laughed at some of the things that she said while doing the workout. She did not hold anything back at all and I like that. Music was pretty good but not loud enough.
Fat Burning
200 calories in 42 minutes
Frugal Find
$7.61 with free shipping @
What I learned from this workout is not to hold back because you are on camera. Be yourself and have fun!!!
Got to get ready for work,
Katina Hunter

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 2- Another 10 minute solution video

Jessica Smith Knockout Body! This was my kickbox workout for today. It almost didn't happen. My bed was calling me along with Kamden's leftover birthday cake. Well I gave in to the birthday cake, but not the bed. After eating one slice, I decided that I would have to a least burn it off. Here is Katina's 7 F's:

5 Ten Minute Segments

1. Knockout Body Blast
2. Fat Attack
3. Fierce & Fabulous Abs
4. Ultimate Upper Body
5. Kickbox Cross Train

Functionality--Basic kickbox moves incorporated throughout the workout. Sculpting moves to include upper and lower body and the abdominals creating a total body workout.

Flow-- One or two of the combos made me feel a little uncoordinated but for the most part flowed well.

Fun-- Instructor Jessica Smith is somewhat serious and seems all about getting the job done. Music was o.k.

Fat Burning-- Clock in 300 calories in 53 minutes (wonder was that enough to cancel out the cake?)

Frugal Find-- Cheapest I could find was @ for 18.32. I guess this dvd costs more because of the weighted gloves that comes along with the dvd.

From: What I got from this workout was to definitely include some kickbox inspired plyometric moves to keep the heartrate pumping.

I glad I done it and now off to the shower and answering the call to my bed.....

Goodnight friends,

Katina Hunter

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beginning

Keli Robert's 10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp
Today was the beginning of my training/research for my upcoming Kick Party DVD and my quest to run a half marathon in October. So since Keli was the one to start me on my journey in exercise dvds, I decided I would start with her 10 minute solution kickbox bootcamp dvd for my a.m. workout.

Katina's 7 F's:

Format (program design)
5-10 minute segments
1. Basic training
2. Ultimate Buns & Thighs
3. Arm & Shoulders Sculptor
4. Fat Burning Blast
5. Washboard Abs

Functionality (does the segments work as a whole?)
Includes all basic kickbox moves, includes sculpting moves for lower/upper body/and abs giving the user a full body workout.

Flow (how well the moves flow)
All of the moves flow well together. Didn't feel uncoordinated at any point of the workout.

Fun (overall vibe of the workout)
Keli very motivating throughout the workout. Music o.k.

Fat-burning (calories burn)
250 calories in 54 minutes

Frugal Find: You can purchase this dvd @ for $5.49.

What I got From the workout to help in my quest to deliver an awesome kickbox dvd:
1. Try to include special emphasis throughout the workout to work all body parts.
2. Try to maintain a moderate to high level of intensity throughout the workout.
3. Like the concept of double time moves (I felt very empowered during this part of the workout-- I could take on the world.)

P.M. Workout- Walk/Ran on the treadmill and watched Jillian's new show. (250cal.)

Happy 9th Birthday to my son Kamden!!! So glad I didn't eat any of his cake.

Good night,

Katina Hunter