Friday, September 28, 2007

Shake it BABY!!

Put your arms up and shake it BABY!

September 23-30 Fitness Journey: Class-- Zumba

What is it? A floor choreographed aerobic/fitness interval training class with a combination of fast and slow rhythms using Latin and international music.

How I felt? My feelings after the class-- Shake it BABY. I was able to double up on my fitness routine that day. I was able to work on my new series routines and do Zumba to burn some extra calories and increase cardiovascular level. My heartrate stayed in 140-150's which 75-80% of my maximum heart rate during the class. I think this class is a good workout when you want to double up, let it go, and/or shake it baby.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Scale and New Series

I'm excited to be able to share my "behind the scene news" on this blogger thing. It's really great to write about your health/fitness and your personal journey. It's a healthy cleansing or something. My first story is Happy Scale. One of my patient's came in last week and told the nurses that she was so excited about getting on the scale. She wanted to see how much weight she had lost since she had started exercising with my Step Party DVD's. She had lost 15 pounds!!! And she was HAPPY to get on the scale. If I can make someone happy to get on the scale-- my work here is done. No, not really and that takes you to my second story-- new series--Interval Party 2, Step Party 2, and ????? (not quite sure yet-- something new/different with weight training). I have been working on new choreography for Step Party 2 and Interval Party 2. Right now, Interval Party has 6 combos and 4 intervals with a kickbox influence (I need 2 more intervals). Step Party 2 has 7 combos with power parties and it is hard. I can barely get through it twice-- I'm really going to have to train hard to pull this one off. So I'm starting this week on my training/fitness journey. I'm going to try some new classes/fitness activities and blog about it later in the week. So feel free to join in and come along on my fitness journey.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Personal Struggles

I have chosen to give a percentage of my earnings to special need children and the Tourette's Syndrome Association because of the struggles with my son, Kamden. After shooting Step Party in 2005, we began to see a changes in Kamden's behavior. He was very impulsive, inattentive, hyperactive, and he also had tics. He would shake his head from side to side, hum, and his eyes would roll upward. Kamden has been to numerous physicians and on several medications with no improvement. He was very unsuccessful in school because of his problems. How could this be happening to my precious child? What was I to do? I began to homeschool him and I video recorded his symptoms. And then we went to Augusta to another specialist and he gave us the right diagnosis and medications. Kamden has Tourette's and ADHD. I am happy to report that he is in a regular 1st grade class and doing great. But I want to help with public awareness and research of Tourette's, so another mother and child won't have to go through what we went through.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Step Party's Mission

Step Party began it's mission in 2005. My vision for Step Party was to create a company that would help people live a healthier lifestyles. I want to create products that are easy to use and fun. I create my first video called Step Party with Functional Training in 2005-- which is a step workout with fun choreography for the beginner exerciser or the advance exerciser. In 2007, I created three more workouts to appeal to a larger audience. I personally love step aerobics, but not everyone loves it as much as I do. So I created three new workouts called Vertical Step Party, Interval Party, and Pump Party for all fitness levels. I am committed to promoting health and wellness through exercise and I'm using my company to do this. My ultimate goal is to change someone's life through exercise and/or through my personal struggles.

Plans for Step Party 2008

1.Develop and create health/fitness outreach programs in my community
2.Create 2 or 3 more videos/products with "new" concepts of exercise
3.Donate percentage of Step Party's earnings to Tourette's syndrome Association and special needs children.