Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Update Party 3 Series

Will wrap things up with the dvds this weekend. I will have to do one more check to make sure the menu systems work properly and everything is near perfection. I'm hoping to send off to the replicator mid week or sooner. I will post the covers of the workout next week--- they look great. Thanks Wes and Charlotte!!! I have been so busy this week---working and doing the workouts. I decided to wear my heartrate monitor while I did them and all I have to say is 75-90 max% heartrate. I felt sweat rolling down my back and side-- one indicator of a good workout.

Will be back soon,


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My niece at her graduation--- Congrats!!!

My editor and I are still working hard to get these dvds out to you guys. I wanted to give a quick update on our progress. We have viewed all of the workouts this weekend--- they look great!!! Thanks Greg and Kyunnie-- you guys rock. Kyunnie is now queaking the sound -- bumping up the music and making sure my audio is clear and audible. He will give me samples on Sunday so that I can workout to them. I won't be able to do them until next week because I'm going out of town to Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. My niece, Tanesha, is graduating from high school. So shouts out to Tanesha!! I'm so proud of you!!!
Next week will be a comedy show for me because I crack myself up when I do my own workouts. I don't know where some of the stuff that I say comes from. So if all is well after my comedy show, I will get my master copies and off they go to the replicator. Also, this weekend I was able to get the times of the workouts so that I can give to my graphic designer and my cover writer/consultant. So I wanted to give them to you guys too.

This is an estimate, give or take 1-2 minutes, of each workout and premix.

Step Party 2-- 63 minutes total
1. Quick Step Mix 1 + bi/tris---34 min
2. Quick Step Mix 2 + chest/back--27 min

Interval Party 2-- 56 minutes total
1. Combo Mix + shoulders/abs--- 32 min
2. Interval Mix + legs--21 min

Circuit Party --68 minutes total
1. I Love Weights --37min
2. I Love Cardio-- 26 min

Will keep you posted!

Katina Hunter

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on Presale and Party 3 Pack

The Presale has started and I would like to thank everyone that has ordered the Party 3 Pack. Thank you!! I plan to keep you updated on our progress. I'm excited to tell you guys that my wonderful editor, Kyunnie, has all of the videos sync and edited. What we are planning on doing this weekend is putting in the slides-- like the title page, menu pages, credits, and etc. I will also be able to take the dvd home and do my final viewing . I will also do the video to make sure everything is right. Then I will give it to one of my friends to do to check behind me. This helps because she is not familar with the routine so she may catch something that I missed. If everything is o.k. then it is off to the replicator. I will let you guys know how everything goes this weekend.

Thanks again,

Katina Hunter

Friday, May 9, 2008

Clips and Presale this weekend

I am hoping to start the presale this weekend for Party 3 and I will also have clips up of the three new workouts-- Step Party 2, Interval Party 2, and Circuit Party. It may be Saturday or Sunday. My web guy , Kinte, has been working hard for me this week. I had to make some additions and corrections so I don't know if he will be finish tommorrow or Sunday. I will send an email to all of my customers when it is up. I'm so excited about this Series. I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions--- just email me at

I mention budget friendly workouts due to the economy--- high gas and food. Here is a look at my new prices:

Presale Prices for Party 3

Party 3 Pack-- Interval Party 2, Step Party 2, Circuit Party 34.99 (Reg. 50.00)
Interval Party 2 14.90 (reg. 19.90 )
Step Party 2-- 14.95 (reg. 19.95 )
Circuit Party-- 14.99 (reg 19.99 )

Step Party 10.95
Vertical Step Party 17.95
Interval Party 17.90
Pump Party 17.99
Party Pack -- Vertical Step Party, Interval Party, and Pump Party 50.00

The prices will be effective when the presale starts. There is also a flat shipping fee if you order 1 or all 7 dvds of 5.00.

I hope this is helpful!!!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Circuit Party Breakdown


We really look like angels, don't we? Serious Party Angels---- just like our workout Circuit Party--- serious but angelic. We start you out with a warm up pattern that will be the base pattern for the rest of the weighted cardio portions in the workout. This pattern will be altered slightly to fit the body part that we are working. After the warm up, the workout is broken up into the following sections:

1. Leg weights-- swats, lunges, donkey kicks, inner and outer thigh work, etc.
2. Cardio Legs
3. Back/Chest weights-- rows, lat pull downs, push ups, flies, etc.
4. Cardio Back/Chest
5. Shoulders-- Overhead press, lat raises, etc.
6. Cardio Shoulders
7. Biceps/Triceps-- tricep dips, bicep curls, tricep ext, etc.
8. Cardio Bis/Tris
9. Cardio Abs
10. Ab work with the resist a ball
11. Stretch


1. I love Weights -- if you just want to do the mod. to heavy weight sections
2. I love Cardio-- if you just want to do the weighted cardio sections

My editor and I worked on this workout yesterday. It looked awesome. I will have clips up this week. I will be delivering the clips to my website guy tommorrow. I will beg him to get them up as soon as possible. Once I have the clips up, I will begin my presale. With gas and food costing so much these days, I'm really wanting to sell budget friendly workouts. I think that a girl should not have to sacrifice her workout for anything.

Katina Hunter