Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have completed almost everything on my list. Still a few loose ends to tie. One the hardest things to get completed is wardrobe. I think we finally have all our bottoms to fit all of our shapes. Do you know how hard it is to please 5 women in exercise clothing? If you don't know, you don't want to know.
Anyway, yesterday and today we did a practice shoot with the cameras and lights and I'm so glad. It's something about that camera that you just have to warm up to. I felt a little funny at first and then it all went away. All of the workouts went well. I tried to decide which workout I like best and I like all of them in a different kind of way. Well, you will see them soon. I'm going to try to post clips a couple of weeks after filming and you will see what I mean. I will be busy this week finishing my list and getting ready for Friday. I will try to post pictures Friday or Saturday of the Step Party girls in action. Oh yeah, to add to my list of things this week---I'm starting a new job. What great timing---- but I know it will all WORK OUT!

Katina Hunter

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have been busy, busy, busy. We have doubled our practices and I have a long lists of things left to do. And I realized today that we have less then 3 weeks before we film. I'm going to make a list so that I can check back and make sure that I have done everything.

1. We have to get our shoes and bottoms. We are wearing capris and long pants. I have decided against shorts because I don't feel like riding dirty. If you know what I mean.

2. I have to finish the set. I have to do some building, painting, and I have to pick up a piece of furniture that I have feel in love with. I can't wait to see how it will look on the set. (And in my house after the shoot)

3. I have to send out checks and contracts to my music companies and contract workers. And start on the cover design concept and write out menus, premixes, and credits.

4. I have to lose about 3 more pounds to be a my goal weight.

5. I have to make sure we have all of our equipment at the gym -- hand gloves, resistant bands, and nice clean mats.

6. Have to get a lot of healthy energy snacks to keep us going!!!!

7. I have to pray!!!!

I know I probably forgot something on the list, but as you can see I will be busy, busy, busy these last three weeks. I'm going to be TIRED after all of this, but I know it is worth it because these workouts are challenging and FUN!

Katina Hunter

Monday, March 3, 2008



Growing up with a mom for a dance teacher and participating in sports I've always been very active, but never participated in organized fitness until 1998 after the birth of my third child.
At the time I had just moved to Ft. Rucker AL with my husband, and didn't know very many people.
Finding it hard to lose the extra baby weight, feeling depressed, and very isolated
I decided to go try a step class with another Army wife I had just met.
I was HOOKED!!!!
It was tough at first. I had a few spills, and the choreography was hard for me as I don't pick it up very fast, but this was great stuff!!
The baby weight came off, it helped tremendously with the depression, and I made a lot of wonderful, supportive friends that I continue to stay in contact with today!
I slowly started adding weights, walking/running, and floor routines at home or the track.
This really made a huge difference in my weight loss
After a move to Ft. Bragg NC I began taking classes on the adjacent Pope AF Base gym.
This was a whole new level of working out.
Advanced moves, high impact new instructors made you drive a little further...pushed you beyond what you thought you could do.
Now I was plain out addicted to Step.
Fitness has kept me sane throughout deployments, school, kids, and whatever life in general throws at me.
After 10 years, 4 moves to different states, a lot of different classes, and instructors I still LOVE doing Step!
I am thrilled to be able to participate in the making of Step Party III.
Its been a pleasure getting to know, and learn from Katina.
The other ladies from Step Party have been super friendly and uplifting!
All in all the experience so far has been a blast, and a blessing on many levels!

From Tina: It has been awesome having Ranel join the Step Party team. The girl can go.!!! We have also named a move in Step Party 2 after her--- "The RANEL L". Just wait until you see her go!!!! Thanks Ranel , you are a blessing to Step Party in so many ways.